We aggregate the power demand of multiple industrial consumers to MW levels and create shared solar assets in the form of Off-site solar parks. The Solar power so produced is supplied to the consumers by injecting the electricity into the nearest State owned Sub-station at appropriate voltage. The Industrial consumers can significantly reduce their energy bills owing to economies of scale without any upfront investment.

The Solar power is supplied to the consumers at predetermined rates as per PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) under OPEX Model or through one time asset sale under CAPEX Model. Open Access charges are payable by the consumers for using the state transmission grid that can be as low as Zero in certain states like Haryana.

The concept of Energy Open Access is enshrined in the Electricity Act 2003 that allows a consumer with a connected load of more than 1 MW to procure power directly from the market through the state owned grid. However, there is no minimum load requirement to avail renewable power through Open Access in some Indian States.

The end consumer only interacts with Ethos as the energy utility that will invest, design, supply, operate and maintain the Utility Scale Solar Park. The Monthly Bill Settlement with the State Discom is also carried out by Ethos.

Why Ethospower ?

Grid Evacuation

We’re a full service provider with an installed Power Evacuation/T&D Capacity of 930 MW that ranges from 33 KV to 220 KV voltage level.

Guaranteed Performance

Our solar systems’ performance is backed by Bank Guarantees issued by India’s Top Nationalized Banks.

Economies of scale

The Group Captive model not only ensures economies of scale but also delivers best of the class utility experience to the consumers.

Land Bank

Ethos has developed a land bank by signing Lease Agreements in states like Haryana that offer attractive policy framework to support Solar Energy Open Access.